About CGI

The Veresk Bridge in northern Iran was built by Reza Shah the Great in 1935
The Veresk Bridge in northern Iran was built by Reza Shah the Great in 1935.

Cyrus the Great Institute (CGI)

Formally established on October 29, 2022, coinciding with Cyrus the Great day, during the nationwide uprising following the tragic murder of Mahsa Amini, the CGI’s founders recognized the need for an institution to engage in rigorous research and academic projects concerning Iran. Our aim is to produce high-quality analysis and policy recommendations.

The CGI is a non-profit and non-partisan institute dedicated to advancing education and research pertaining to Iran-related matters.

The institute’s name, “Cyrus the Great Institute,” holds deep significance as it underscores the Iranian people’s desire to reconnect with their historical heritage, reflecting the importance of Iranian history and culture to the CGI.

Governing Body

Currently composed of five individuals with diverse backgrounds, the CGI’s Governing Body serves as the highest decision-making authority, responsible for planning and directing the institute’s operations.

Babak Shekarabi

Maëlie Kate Jalali

Mission of the CGI

Education Advancement

Promote and enhance education related to Iran-centric subjects, ensuring that Iranians as well as non-Iranians remain informed and empowered.

Liberation Support

Act as a pivotal force in supporting the liberation of Iran amidst its ongoing revolution, emphasizing the importance of a free, secular, democratic and self-determining Iran.

Security Focus

Proactively address potential security concerns that may emerge in a revolutionary and post-revolution Iran, ensuring the safety and well-being of all its citizens.

National Integrity

Stand unwaveringly in defense of Iran’s national and territorial integrity, ensuring that the Iranian nation’s sovereignty remains intact, and its citizens are bestowed with equal rights and opportunities.

Collection of people with some waving the Imperial Iranian flag

Values of the CGI

Historical Reverence

At the CGI, we hold a profound respect for Iran’s rich history and culture, as symbolized by our namesake, Cyrus the Great. This reverence is central to our mission, emphasizing the significance of reconnecting the Iranian people with their distinguished historical legacy, thereby fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of our ancestral heritage.

Devoted to Democracy and Secularism

We firmly believe that democracy and secularism are the cornerstones of a free and stable Iran. CGI is committed to promoting democratic values, secular governance, and human rights. Our efforts are dedicated to nurturing a societal framework within Iran that upholds these principles as fundamental elements of national progress and individual freedom.

Cultural Preservation and Promotion

Recognizing the rich tapestry of Iran’s cultural practices, and traditions, CGI is dedicated to their safeguarding and celebration. Our commitment extends to the preservation and global promotion of Iran’s diverse cultural heritage, including music, art, literature, and culinary traditions, ensuring these elements are not only protected but also cherished and shared worldwide.

Intellectual Freedom and Academic Excellence

The CGI places high importance on intellectual freedom and the pursuit of academic excellence. We support scholarly research, critical thinking, and open academic discussions about Iran, free from censorship or political bias. CGI is committed to creating a platform where intellectual exploration and academic achievements are encouraged and celebrated.

Environmental Stewardship

At CGI, we advocate for the preservation and sustainable management of Iran’s natural resources and environment. We are committed to initiatives that protect Iran’s unique ecosystems, promote sustainable development, and address environmental challenges such as pollution and climate change. CGI believes in the responsibility to steward and nurture the environment for future generations.

Visual design

The CGI logo features both the full name, “Cyrus the Great Institute“, and its acronym, “CGI“. An ancient Persian Empire soldier, symbolizing the Iranian people’s commitment to preserving their cultural and historical heritage, separates the two elements. The logos are presented in royal blue, signifying the greatness and royalty associated with Cyrus the Great. The CGI employs both horizontal and vertical versions of the logo.