Fostering Academic Research and Dialogue in Support of the Iranian Freedom Movement

Cyrus the Great Institute was established with the vision of bridging a gap between academic research and activism within the Iranian diaspora. Our primary focus is to provide an academic platform that fosters understanding, dialogue, and research about political activism related to Iranian politics, culture, history, and contemporary challenges.

From our inception, we have been privileged to host three distinguished conferences at renowned academic institutions: George Mason University in Washington DC, Rice University in Houston, Texas, and the University of California in Los Angeles, California.

Each of these conferences, although varied in theme, has been dedicated to encouraging insightful discussions and shedding light on the Iranian diaspora’s diverse political perspectives and activism in support of the Iranian freedom movement.

As we move forward, we are excited to amplify our commitment to academia by publishing high-quality analysis and reports. We aim to counteract narratives and discourses dissiminated by the autocratic Islamic regime ruling Iran through forging a connection between academic research and activism.

We wholeheartedly invite scholars, researchers, practitioners and anyone with an interest in issues related to Iran to collaborate and join us on this enlightening journey.

For further details or to explore collaboration opportunities, please reach out to us at